Middle C Grand Opening a Resounding Success

by Scott Homewood

Even amidst all the hustle and bustle of Middle C Jazz’ opening night, every possible stress that had to do with getting the place together in time for the opening melted away as soon as Noel Freidline’s talented fingers hit the Middle C piano (purchased personally by owner Larry Farber) and Maria Howell’s sultry voice started to echo through the packed room. A combined four hundred lucky jazz-loving souls were treated to two amazing shows featuring two of Charlotte’s favorite musical talents, thanks to Middle C! To watch two packed rooms feel every shred of nuance and pure emotion from Howell’s supple voice accompanied gracefully and sympathetically by Freidline’s nimble piano work was pure joy and watching the rest of Freidline’s talented ensemble adapting to every musical move was a wondrous event for Charlotte and those in attendance which will never be equaled. With their musical compatibility easily heard, their personal bonhomie showed plenty of warmth with many humorous asides and in-jokes and playfulness possible only when musical souls get a kick out of performing with each other. And as good as the first set was, the second set was even more amazing. Freidline and Howell, who have played together for about eight years simply set the room on fire. With a freshly cut new Christmas CD to promote, the pair decided to pull out all the stops and lead every fan in attendance through an amazing musical journey. The pair and their band gave Charlotte’s Jazz community a piece of their souls and everyone listening gave an equal part of their heart back to the duo and their band. Middle C is here and the club couldn’t have had a better opening night… if you haven’t taken the time to visit yet there are plenty more memories to be made and many more incredible experiences to encounter. Please come to Middle C whenever you can and check out the prettiest jewel in the Queen’s crown.

Photos by Brian Twitty Photography


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