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Welcome to our Club within the Club. Our Baby Grand Membership provides you with valuable benefits that will keep you returning time and time again! Lower ticket prices, preferred seating, discounts on food, and a personalized hospitality concierge to elevate your experience.


Middle C Jazz is proud to support Arts+! From April 1-May 31, a portion of the proceeds of our Baby Grand memberships will support the mission of Arts Plus to provide music and art education in Charlotte. Each membership purchased will provide a music lesson to a student in need of financial aid. By supporting Middle C Jazz as a Baby Grand Members, you are aiding the education of the next generation of musicians!
Marcus Anderson

Rick Braun

APR 19-20

Rick Braun has enjoyed a career longevity that is rare in this business. He has crafted his own distinctive sound and become a staple on contemporary jazz radio.

Marcus Anderson

Brubeck, Guaraldi, Mintel and more! With the Eric Mintel Quartet

APR 21

For more than 30 years Eric Mintel is an acclaimed jazz musician with his group the Eric Mintel Quartet. By later at night Eric Mintel investigates the paranormal.

Marcus Anderson

An Evening with Pianist Carol Albert

APR 26

In a genre where an artist’s success is generally measured by radio airplay spins and Billboard chart positions, pianist/composer Carol Albert’s recent Hit Album “Magic Mirror” has 3 Top 5 Billboard Hits to date. Billboard #1 “Paradigm Shift”, “Magic Mirror” and “Fire & Water” gained national recognition in the Contemporary Jazz world since the release of the Album.

Sean Mason

Sean Mason

MAY 03-04

When Sean Mason speaks about music, you can hear the notes falling into place. The cadence of his ideas unfolds with deliberate tempo, each exploring and resolving tension like an inspired chord progression.

Sean Mason

A Night of Smooth Jazz with Marcus Click

MAY 05

As a native of the Louisville, Kentucky, Marcus grew up with aspirations of becoming a pro football player, but his goals changed after having committed over 13 years of his young life to the U.S. Navy honorably.

Sean Mason

Marion Meadows

MAY 10-12

Meadows was born in West Virginia and grew up in Stamford, Connecticut. He began playing the clarinet and studying classical music at the age of nine. He started playing tenor sax in high school, and then migrated to soprano sax.

Marcus Anderson

Albert Cummings

MAY 15

In the trajectory of watching great musicians develop, there is no set timetable. Some appear full-blown right from the start, and others can take a whole career to get to that elevated place.

Marcus Anderson

A Night with World Renowned Jazz Pianist Alex Bugnon

MAY 17-18

A night you won’t want to miss… world renowned jazz pianist, Alex Bugnon, will be performing at Middle C Jazz. Come join us for a night filled with outstanding contemporary music!!


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