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Dani’s Corner

Hello, my fellow music lovers of Charlotte, NC!! Dani Stavropoulos here giving you the latest scoop on everything Middle C Jazz!

Dani Stavropoulos

I have seen with my own two eyes what Middle C Jazz brings to the people of Charlotte: not only a night of happiness through the beauty of music, but also a venue that takes you to NYC without having to even step on a plane. Seeing the customers enjoying themselves, making new friends, and singing their hearts out … I mean how could I not rave about an environment like this! The more you come to Middle C Jazz, the more you will want to stay!

A Message From Middle C’s Founder, Larry Farber:

There are a few shows per year that I put a star next to on my calendar and a huge one is coming up! On Thursday, December 9th, Middle C is proud to present Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters for a cannot miss show honoring the best of Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Grammy Award-winning Band Leader, Jerry Freeman, toured with Earth, Wind and Fire, founded Grammy Award-winning horn section, “Hornz Unlimited”, toured with OutKast, performed multiple times with Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, recorded seven platinum albums, and recorded multiple times with John Legend, Lionel Ritchie and Sly and the Family Stone. To have the opportunity to see this band in the intimate setting of Middle C is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I hope you can all join us for an unforgettable show.


Rodney Shelton & Eric Brice present Singer/ Saxophonist Mark Black- A night of Classic Motown and R&B

If you have not been to a Thursday night jam session with Rodney at Middle C, you one hundred percent need to!!
Rodney Shelton & Eric Brice present Singer/ Saxophonist Mark Black- A night of Classic Motown and R&B
This past Thursday we had the pleasure of having them back at the club presenting Mark Black. The show consisted of classic Motown and some R&B, which filled the room with the grooviest tunes and a night you can’t forget. Thursday Jam sessions are personally my favorite nights at the club. I love the vibrations that come from the stage and the crowd. Rodney and Eric are very well known in the Charlotte area, so when it’s time for them to perform at Middle C… it feels as if all of Charlotte comes out to see them. Thursday jam sessions almost feel like a Charlotte community gathering to me, because after a while you start to see familiar faces and it brings joy to my heart seeing these talented musicians and their love/ dedication for keeping live music alive, bring happiness to the people around them. It becomes an escape from reality just for a little while and we all need that sort of relaxation here and there… so I insist, let Middle C Jazz be that escape for you!! Music is a wonderful thing.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next Thursday Jam session, you won’t want to miss it !!


An Evening of Jazz & Soul with Tracy Hamlin

If you have never heard of Tracy Hamlin… please look her up and give this talented artist a listen. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform this past weekend at the club and she truly has a gifted voice.

The thing about Tracy is that she does not just dabble in one genre of music… she can sing soul, jazz, R&B, and get a load of this, even house music. Isn’t that so cool? The answer is yes, yes it is.

Something that comes naturally with all that talent, is her captivating stage presence. Once Tracy hits the stage, your eyes are glued to the performance until the curtains close. I highly suggest coming to see her the next time she performs here at Middle C Jazz. I promise with all my heart you won’t regret it. It’s a performance worth getting dressed up for and having a night on the town.

Tracy Hamlin
Willis Hickerson


JD presents Art Sherrod Jr.

Sunday’s performance was an absolute treat for me!! On Sunday we had JD presents Art Sherrod JR. and they did an outstanding job. The whole night was filled with smooth saxophone jazz and all I can say is… it was a great way to close my week and start the new one. I truly believe music is the cure for all things, so why not close and start your week with some live music. It seems reasonable to me!!

The reason I say this past Sunday’s show was a treat for me is that my absolute FAVORITE Jackson 5 song was played as the encore!!! It was “Heartbreak Hotel” and I think I flipped out more than I should have but I have a valid reason to do so. I never hear that song played out and about. Not on the radio, not in stores, not even in my mom’s household… and she loves Michael Jackson! So, when it came on, I nearly hopped out of my chair to dance to the music and groove along to what I consider a masterpiece.
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and looking forward to seeing you all in the club.

Art Sherrod JR
Art Sherrod JR
Girls In Gowns

Girls in Gowns

JUL 8-9

“Girls in Gowns” is the brainchild of Singer/Actor, Maria Howell. Born from her desire to collaborate and perform with other “girls” in the industry, coupled with her love of wearing gowns, and for a good cause.

Kirk Whalum

JUL 15-16

Middle C Jazz welcomes, twelve-time Grammy Award Nominee, Kirk Whalum… come join us for two nights of guaranteed soulful saxophone sounds given to you by a national and world-renowned artist.

Jeff Kashiwa

JUL 22

Come join us at Middle C Jazz for a night with two-time Grammy Nominated contemporary jazz artist, Jeff Kashiwa. You won’t want to miss it!

Maysa Leak

JUL 29-30

Maysa is the kind of singer who takes hold of a song and enraptures her audience in the palm of her hands, as she delivers lyrics, phrases, melodies and harmonies in a way that only she can.



Four80East is a Toronto-based electro-jazz duo that’s all about the groove. Drawing from their diverse musical influences, Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace have created a signature sound that combines electronic production with live instrumentation.

Bob Baldwin

AUG 19-20

Bob Baldwin: Contemporary, Smooth and Latin/Brazilian Jazz with a dose of urban funk


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