Queens Court, Slim Gambill, Ace Livingston, and Gospel Sunday

Bar inside Middle C Jazz

Who is Dani?

Hello, my fellow music lovers of Charlotte, NC!! Dani Stavropoulos here giving you the latest scoop on everything Middle C.

As the Partnership and Programming specialist here at Middle C Jazz, Dani’s Corner is headed to become the blog you won’t want to miss. Dani’s Corner will be updated weekly with information about the shows from the previous week and our upcoming featured artists performing at Middle C Jazz.

Dani Stavropoulos
I have seen with my own two eyes what Middle C Jazz brings to the people of Charlotte: not only a night of happiness through the beauty of music, but also a venue that takes you to NYC without having to even step on a plane. Seeing the customers enjoying themselves, making new friends, and singing their hearts out … I mean how could I not rave about an environment like this! The more you come to Middle C Jazz, the more you will want to stay!

Why Middle C Jazz for a night out?

If you answer yes to these four questions, then Middle C Jazz is the place for you in Charlotte, NC!

Do you like live music? Do you like dressing up for date nights, girl’s night out/boys’ night out, and/or family outings? Do you like delectable food & Craft Cocktails? And most importantly…Do you like attending the coolest venue in town?

It was yes to all those questions, wasn’t it? That’s what I thought!!

Middle C Jazz is a premier live music venue that brings New York City ambiance with southern hospitality, what could be better than that!! Take my word for it, Middle C is the place you’re going to want to tell people about.

Bar inside Middle C Jazz
Bar inside Middle C Jazz

Ready for a preview of some of our upcoming performers? Check out Dani’s monthly Spotify playlist below!



All you dance and party music lovers out there, this was the performance you should not have missed!!!

Queens Court has graced the Middle C Jazz stage before and they always bring the liveliest crowds. When they are on stage, I swear the music just takes you by the hand and guides the dancing right out of you. I find it very hard to keep still when they are performing all the big hits.

Even when I’m working, I must bust a move here and there because I feel like it would be illegal not to show some sort of appreciation for the tunes being absolutely performed fantastically that night.

If you’re someone who is looking for a show where you can stand up and dance your heart out… keep an eye out on all our social media platforms to see when Queens Court returns. You won’t be disappointed!!

Queens Court
Queens Court



All I got to say is Slim Gambill can ROCK!!

If you have an interest in guitar playing, even just the tiniest bit… this man will have you loving the instrument by the time his performance is over. Speaking from an R&B vocal-loving background, even I was convinced by the end of the night guitars were the elite instrument. Not only will his playing make you believe so, but his whole personality and vibe on stage will grasp your attention and won’t let go until the show has ended.

His talent was not just an overnight thing. He has been playing since he was a kid and perfected his career in the country world of music but found jazz at an early age and kept it with him throughout his journey.

Well, fantastic!! thank you Slim Gambill for inspiring my new year’s resolution… 2022 you’re going to be the year of learning Guitar.

Slim Gambill
Slim Gambill



If you’re unaware who Ace Livingston is you’re missing out! After I personally got to watch him on Saturday night perform at Middle C Jazz, you’re going to want to look him up immediately and jam out to his outstanding bass playing. Not only was he musically talented, but he obtained such an incredible stage presence that allowed the audience to fully invest their mind, body, and soul to the “Evening with Ace Livingston”. You could feel the energy throughout the whole room… literally! the walls were shaking with his bass playing and it was truly a groovy feeling.

Ace Livingston has accomplished a lot in his music career. He has been on the road with some greats like J.Lo, Pink, Alex Bugnon, Bobby Brown, Usher, and many more. Not only has he played with big artist, but at some very notable venues like Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall, The Apollo Theatre, and Radio City Music Hall.

It’s funny actually… I can now say that I have sung in the same venue as one of the artists that has come to Middle C Jazz and performed. Back in High School I was fortunate enough to sing in Carnegie Hall twice with my honors choir and till this day it is absolutely one of the highlights of my life. So Ace… if you ever read this we are twinning in life right now!! * virtual high five*

The best part is now Middle C Jazz is a new addition to his notable venues list! It was a pleaser having him here!! Make sure to keep a look out for the next time he plays. You won’t want to miss it.

Ace Livingston
Slim Gambill



Gospel Sunday this weekend was amazing!!

With over 150 tickets sold, it was one of our biggest turn outs yet for the Gospel Sunday series here at Middle C Jazz. Ellis Lambert, Tim Scott Jr, Eric Reed, Isaiah Bell, and Brandon Stevens did an outstanding tribute to The Winans and brought the house down.

Gospel Sunday
Keep an eye out for the next Gospel Sunday and come join us here! It’s a perfect way to end the week and start the next!!

Dani… the girl in the white boots 🙂

the girl in the white bootsJ
Sy Smith livestream

Sy Smith performing with Rhythm 4 U Band

FEB 24-25

Sy Smith has long since solidified her place in the world of underground soul music 

Lindsey Webster


#1 Billboard Singer/Songwriter, Lindsey Webster… you won't want to miss this soulful singer/songwriter perform on the Middle C Jazz stage

Mindi Abair

An evening with Mindi Abair

MAR 11-12

Two-time Grammy nominee Mindi Abair electrifies audiences with her dynamic live performances and sax prowess

Nicolas Bearde

Noel and Maria present Nicolas Bearde

MAR 25-26

We are happy to welcome one of our personal favorite Male Jazz Vocalists to Middle C Jazz for the first time ever

Brubeck Brothers


Although the Quartet’s style is rooted in “straight-ahead” jazz, their concerts reveal an innate ability to explore influences of funk, blues, & world music

Kat Edmonson

An evening with Kat Edmonson


Kat Edmonson is an award-winning songwriter and singer "with an equal foothold in jazz, cabaret and vintage cosmopolitanism pop" (the new york times)

Nicole Henry

Nicole Henry

APR 15-16

“Listen and you’ll hear an artist who knows how to make a song her own… Henry aims right for the emotional center…". - Philip Van Vleck, Billboard

Adam Hawley

10-time #1 Contemporary Jazz Guitarist Adam Hawley

APR 17

Adam performs a dynamic combination of scintillating original contemporary jazz combined with your favorites from Stevie Wonder, EWF, Gap Band, Chris Brown, John Legend, and more

Paula Atherton

APR 22

New York based sax player/vocalist and songwriter Paula Atherton has enjoyed 5 Billboard Top 30 charting singles

Eric Darius

Eric Darius

APR 23

With seven highly-acclaimed albums to his discography, Darius continues to rack up some impressive statistics: Three No. 1 Hit Singles; Twelve Top 10 Radio Hits on Nielsen’s R&R/Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart

Marion Meadows

Marion Meadows

MAY 6-8

Visionary & Creative Force of Nature Marion Meadows comes to Middle C Jazz


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