A Holiday Message from All of Middle C

It’s hard to believe the end of 2020 is already here! You are cordially invited to attend our biggest party of the year on New Year’s Eve with 5th & York–back by popular demand! We have a few seats available for our early show and hope you will come celebrate at Middle C Jazz. 

From all of us at Middle C, we wish you a happy and healthy new year! We can’t think of a better line up to begin with in 2021. Michelle Renee, John Shaughnessy, and Joe Gransden with Maria Howell, just to name a few. We’re bringing in some of our very favorites!

*Ticket prices are subject to change
*Ticket prices do not include tax and processing fees

Happy Holidays from the Staff at Middle C Jazz! From all of us at Middle C, we wish you the happiest holiday season and hope to see you often in 2021 for a happy and healthy new year!

“Simply, I look forward to hugging my friends, welcoming both new and former customers with a firm handshake without any fear. As importantly, I want to feel the energy of a packed house applauding our musicians!”

-Larry Farber, owner

“I am looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with our neighbors enjoying good food, spirits and remembering what we are all thankful for!”

-Adam Farber, owner

Growing up on a beach community in NY, my family had a tradition of taking a long walks together on the boardwalk, sometimes with the snow during the holiday. It always made us feel that family was the most important thing you could have. My wish for 2021 is that we as a community, continue to value our family & friends, and come back stronger than ever.”

-Teddy Johnson, managing director

“I am looking forward to more people being able to safely enjoy our wonderful artists, music and MCJ experience!”

-Reid Farber, programming

“Family also covers colleagues, friends, and Middle C Jazz patrons. Happy we all made it through safely to keep the music alive another year!”

-Sean Urquhart, operations manager

“It never feels like Christmas until I hear some of my favorite holiday songs and carols. I’m so grateful that Middle C gave us all a place to celebrate this time of year with wonderful music–what a gift!”

-Lizzie Taylor, hospitality concierge

“In a year of outcries for health and racial healing, music has been the great unifier. Thank you all for your contributions.”

-Cree White, assistant manager

“I’m looking forward to 2021 with a new puppy!”

-John Brighton, audio/visual director

“The arrival of Christmas begins a process of reflection of the wonderful things that happened during the year and contemplation of what I expect will happen in the next.”
-Scott Homewood, box office

John Dillard Presents...

Remember Whensdays

APR 14

Tim Scott Jr. Trio with Tyra Scott: A Night of Billie Holiday
Terence Young

A Soulful Night with JoDavi

APR 15

JoDavi and his band take us on a journey with renditions from greats like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, and more!

Terence Young


APR 16-17

Willie Bradley’s music brings together many varied styles but takes Smooth Jazz to another whole level.

Terence Young

gospel sunday

APR 18

Gospel Sunday with the El Lambert Band Featuring Joseph Preister

Terence Young

Slim Gambill

APR 23

Jason “Slim” Gambill Is a multi-genre guitarist, producer, composer, arranger and songwriter.


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